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Children's Crier Easter 2024

Children's Crier Easter 2024

XXXI Photography Contest "Dark Arch"

XXXI Photography Contest "Dark Arch"

Mass for the Dead

Mass for the Dead

The Jew

Cofrade that draws special attention to his clothing, with red embroidered jacket, black pants, white shirt, handkerchief knotted to the neck and metal helmet with impressive carvings, on which a colorful duster sports.




The Drump

The elaboration of the drums is an occupation that combines different knowledge, both the latería for the manufacture of the box, the carpentry for the construction of the hoops, the saddlery in the rings of the tensioners or the tannery for the treatment of the skins of goat.

Passion Week of BAENA

Declared of National Tourist Interest

Our "Semana Santa"

Peculiarities and curiosities.

The Processional Parade

The order in which their brotherhoods procession is a logical order and similar to the order in which the events occurred during the Passion of Christ.

The Miserere

Penitential acts of repentance carried out by the different brotherhoods during Lent.

The Brotherhoods

Passion Week Brotherhoods set.

The Poster

Sample of the different posters of Passion Week over time.

The Proclamation

Act organized by the Association of Brotherhoods for the exaltation of Passion Week.

Promotional Videos

Set of promotional videos of Passion Week

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