Guillermo Iván Bernal Re-elected President of the Association of Brotherhoods of Baena

Source: Córdoba Newspaper.

Guillermo Iván Bernal has been re-elected president of the Association of Brotherhoods of Holy Week in Baena unanimously. In the extraordinary meeting that has been held in the parish of Our Lady of Guadalupe, headquarters of the group, the only candidate for the position has had 24 votes in favor and none blank or against those present.


For this new stage, Bernal has made important changes to his board of directors. In the vice presidency, Alejandro Ruiz replaces Rafael Alarcón, while María José Sánchez becomes the secretary, a position previously held by Ángel Montes, and as treasurer-butler, María Trinidad takes over from Javier Bernabéu. As vice secretary, Verónica Agundo; vice treasurer, Antonio Rafael Pérez; member of social networks, Francisco Javier Ocaña; of headquarters, Javier Núñez, and of cults and protocol, Antonio Montilla.