Beginning of the Brotherhood Year and Presentation of the Holy Week Crier 2024

On Saturday, October 28, the event to begin the Cofrade Year and presentation of the Holy Week Crier 2024 took place.


This year it fell to Diario CÓRDOBA journalist and Baenense brother Francisco Expósito, in an event in which the mayor, María Jesús Serrano, and the president of the Association of Brotherhoods, Guillermo Iván Bernal, participated.

For his part, Francisco Expósito indicated that being a town crier "is the greatest responsibility for a brother and a Baenense" and indicated that he will have words of remembrance of his childhood and the emigrants, in addition to reflecting on what it means to be a brother, without overlooking the importance of the drum and the figure of the Jew and how many details make Holy Week in Baena so unique.

The president of the Association of Brotherhoods praised the committed work of the crier with the local Holy Week since his youth and his effort to also promote the proclamation of the Jew.

The mayor indicated that "it is true that it is a unique, singular, different Holy Week, where color and sound make the Passion of Christ live in a special and intense way." In that sense, from the City Council "we are going to promote the declaration of a Festival of International Tourist Interest" and she was convinced that "this mandate has to be one in which it is achieved because we have unique elements that make us deserve it."